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Your Sister Can’t Twist (But She Can Rock ‘n Roll) – feat. Wonder Woman

I’m so glad this song’s still in the set. I absolutely love hearing it live.

It comes at just the right point in the set: you’ve fought your way through Security to get to the front; spent The Bitch is Back and I’m Still Standing alternately pointing at Elton and elbowing the drunk next to you; and now you can finally make use of all that adrenaline by bouncing up and down like a maniac for 3 perfect minutes.

Now I’m in heaven with the aching feet

Long may it keep us buzzed.

Elton John – Piano, Farfisa Organ, Vocals
Davey Johnstone – Electric & Slide Guitars, Backing Vocals
Dee Murray – Bass, Backing Vocals
Nigel Olsson – Drums, Backing Vocals

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I’ve Seen That Movie Too

Here’s a video I put together for the anniversary of GBYBR. It’s for I’ve Seen That Movie Too – not the entire song though as it’s really long and I ran out of footage!

I’ll try and upload a couple of other videos I did over the coming weeks.

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If [you] want to see it as a two reel movie

Exciting news – The Million Dollar Piano is to be shown on cinema screens across the UK and USA (other countries tbc) on Saturday March 22nd.

 photo 7137_poster_iphone_zps204c89cf.jpg

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Home Again

Check out the newly-released video for ‘Home Again’

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We all celebrate today

Happy 63rd Birthday Bernie. Our very best wishes to you.

Who likes to party, Who stays at home

Now I could take a cheap shot here and suggest that Bernie stays away from the Elderberry Wine, and at home if at all possible, but instead I’m going to point you in the direction of the forum for the statement from Bernie’s lawyer about the alleged drink driving incident: Bernie – DUI (thanks @dan-dare)

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Churches and dictators, politics and papers

In an attempt to be topical, here’s a couple of Thatcher-related nuggets.

Facing an uphill battle to win the 1979 election which Thatcher looked certain to walk away with, advisors for the incumbent, Jim Callaghan, suggested he appear on TV with celebrities:

Brian Clough and Marjorie Proops are possibles. (Elton John is said to be Labour, but has a complicated image)

Referring specifically to attracting young voters to the party, an advisor wrote:

This is always difficult (Elton John would help here). But he added the flamboyant singer’s complicated image should also be considered.

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Hey kids, plug into the faithless, Maybe they’re blinded

As many of you will know, the website Talenthouse recently invited submissions to a competition to design a 7″ sleeve for Bennie and the Jets, along with six other songs from different artists. This weekend Secret-7″, who run the competition, are showcasing the selected designs at a venue in London. The records will be available to buy next weekend on Record Store Day with all proceeds going to the charity Art Against Knives.

Last night went along to the exhibition ready to see a diverse and inspiring collection of designs. Perhaps something that made us hear the song in a slightly different way. Or a design that encapsulated what the song is about; that really captured its energy and excitement.

The exhibition photo the-exhibition_zps7c5b7bdf.gif

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birthday songs to sing again


A very happy 66th birthday to Elton from eltonites everywhere.

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How Good You Look On Film

If you find yourself in the vicinity of the Southbank in London between now and the 12th May, pop along to the National Theatre and check out Lifework: Norman Parkinson’s Century of Style at the Lyttelton Exhibition Space.

Parkinson is regarded by those in the know as the father of modern fashion photography. From 1935 – 1940 he worked for Harper’s Bazaar and The Bystander magazines, taking his models out from the rigid studio environment in which they’d previously been consigned, into far more dynamic open air settings. His aim was to imbue his images with movement, with action, and with humour.

The Elton John Live Collection – Cover photo by Norman Parkinson

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